What is PublicWare

What is PublicWare:

Every programmer has a dream that their software will be found use full by others. The more users of the software, the better the programmer feels. But before putting the software out in the open, you have to come up with a ”company name” or a programmer name to brand the software, and this is exactly what PublicWare is. It is the name under which I have decided to release my software products.

What do I find at PublicWare.dk:

At PublicWare.dk you can find the computer applications that I have chosen to release for use by privates and companies, or others that find a use for the applications. Typically it will be small application, because they are quickly created. Large software products tales a long time to develop, and the number of these are therefore limited, because PublicWare only is a hobby.

But beside that the software products themselves can be downloaded from the website, then it is also possible to read the news about PublicWare and the products, support for the products, information about the products and the future development plans. Apart from that there is also the possibility for the user to send comments about the PublicWare products, suggestion for corrections and finally the option to rapport bug in the products. These bugs will then be corrected as quickly as possible. The user thereby has the opportunity to help make the products better, and give suggestions for the future development. And beside that suggestions for completely new products are also gladly received.

The background behind PublicWare:

I have been programming for many years now, but it has always been applications that I wanted to have. When I then some years ago began using the Internet, the idea to post some of my applications on the Internet arose. It was an easy and cheap way to distribute the products to who every was interested in the products. But not until the last quarter of the year 2000, I registered the domain PublicWare.dk, and started to make a homepage. Since then PublicWare.dk have been expanded and extended several times, including the creating of an English web section.