Music Archive Plugin Development

This page contains information about writing plugins to Music Archive. Plugins makes Music Archive capable to work with any kind of music player. The plugin system simply serves as a binding link between Music Archive and the player software.

This page contains to ways to start making the plugin. The first is a General Plugin Design package. This contains a basic Music Archive plugin written in Delphi. The second way is to read the Music Archive Plugin documentation, and to write the plugin from the ground up. The two ways can with advantage be mixed.

Music Archive General Plugin Design package

This is a Delphi sample project of a Music Archive plugin. The package makes it fast and easy to write a simple plugin for Music Archive.

Music Archive Plugin Documentation

This web page contains all the information needed to write a plugin for Music Archive. The documentation can be used to write a plugin from the bottom up, or as a help to better understand the Music Archive General Plugin Design package.