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October 26, 2008 - Release of Music Archive 1.30

Music Archive version 1.30 contains a number of improvements over previous releases. These include an improved thread system, multiple language support, a new setup system, and more.

The most important change in version 1.30 is the improved thread system. For the average user this may sound a bit technical but the thread system is an important component of Music Archive. The thread system is responsible for that Music Archive is capable to respond to user input while processing operations is running. One example of this is that while Music Archive is updating the song list with the songs from a selected group, the user is still able to browse the song list, change the group or any other kind of operation. Without the thread system the user would have to wait until Music Archive had completed the update of the song list. The new thread system improves the old mainly in stability. The new system has been designed with stability in mind and as a result of this the number of application errors should drop significantly after an update to the new release.

Music Archive 1.30 features the same language system that also is used in File Renamer. The language system enables Music Archive to dynamically change language. The multiple language support has been build into all parts of Music Archive, meaning that also player plugins and databases are capable of working in different languages. Music Archive 1.30 includes translations in English and in Danish.

Music Archive 1.30 also features the same setup system used for File Renamer. The NSIS setup system, developed by Nullsoft, gives an improved and modern setup experience, compared with the setup system used in previous versions of Music Archive. As a side effect of the new NSIS system and the multiple language support the new Music Archive is distributed as a single setup file that includes both Danish and English translations. There is no need for separate Danish and English setup files any more.

Music Archive 1.30 also includes a new feature in the form of a physical file copier. The physical copy function makes it possible from inside Music Archive to make a copy of selected songs to any folder on the computer. This should be useful for users when they need to copy a song from their archive to a USB drive or an mp3 player. There is no need to first locate the song in the Windows Explorer and then manually copy the song to the USB drive or mp3 player. The operation can be completed without leaving Music Archive.

As the last note on the release of Music Archive 1.30, the Winamp player plugin, witch was previously offered as a separate download, has now been included in the main Music Archive setup file. The plugin provides a better integration with Winamp but no longer requires an extra download.

Music Archive 1.30 is available from the download section.

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