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January 2, 2007 - Release of File Renamer 3.0

After one and a half year without any software releases from PublicWare a new version of File Renamer is now available. In the new version the primary focus has been on introducing two new features: Making File Renamer support multiple languages and moving the application to a more up-to-date setup system.

The without a doubt biggest change in the new version of File Renamer is that the program support multiple languages. This means that the user can easily select in which language File Renamer should run, either in English or in Danish. From the user perspective this may not seem as a new feature. All versions from File Renamer version 1.0 to the newest versions have existed in both an English and a Danish edition. In File Renamer 3.0 the new thing is that the program language can be changed directly inside File Renamer and while the program is in use. At the same time both languages are collected into one setup program. From a PublicWare developer point of view the multiple language support is a long awaited feature. Because of the two languages in File Renamer it has always been a drag to create new versions of File Renamer. All changes should either be done in two places or the entire program should be translated from scratch, which is a time demanding job. With the multiple language support there is only one edition of File Renamer to develop. The rest of the work is done by the language support system.

Another major change in File Renamer 3.0 is the introduction of a new setup system. The old setup system was very simple and development of the system was halted a long time ago. The old and simple system has worked quite well but it was being to be wishful to get a new system that as able to do more things. This is why the old setup system was replaced with a new and more up-to-date setup program. The new system is called NSIS and is developed by Nullsoft. The new setup system is flexible and much more user-friendly than the old setup program.

The new version of File Renamer does not introduce any new rename functions. However a few problems with existing functions has been fixed. Beside this some minor changes have been done different places in the program. Most changes are rather small but they should improve the overall usage of File Renamer. In conclusion there are no large revolutions for the end user in File Renamer 3.0 but the program has evolved in a number of places.

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