Music Archive


By now it is many years since music started to be save digitally. CDs have been dominating, but over the last number of years alternatives to storing and playing music have started to appear. Mini-Discs, Mp3 players and the computer have overtaking a smaller piece of the marked. Common to the new systems is that they give the user new options to store large amounts of music, to take the music with you where ever you go and usually the systems does not fill much.

On the computer the development have gone incredibly fast, and every year more and more software applications is being released for all aspects of music handling, right from playing songs, to burning home CDs fast and easy. Personally I have always been missing one thing, and that is software to control the music store. To control the music files directly from the Windows Explorer is not optimal solution, and even though many music player applications contain functions for handling the music, these are often simple solutions that does not give greater advantages. Therefore years back I got the idea to make a software product that could make it easy to find around in large amounts of music pieces. In the beginning of 2001 I started writing down ideas and writing the first code of what later became Music Archive.

The entire idea behind was to make a product that was focused on controlling the music files and because of this the software does not contain functions to play the songs or functions like that. Thereby all the energy in the development has been used to make an application that quickly can find a particular song and an application that makes it possible to save extra information about the songs.

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