Music Archive


5 good reasons for using Music Archive:

Music lists
Music information


The best argument for using Music Archive is the speed that the software finds a particular song. The software is build to utilize the computers power in full extent. This means that you do not have to sit and wait for the software to complete a task.


Music Archie have a number of automatic music lists where all songs are automatically shown. These lists are automatic updated and that makes it easy to find a song by the artist name, song title or the album it was on.


Build into Music Archive is a search tool that makes it easy and quick to search after all the songs that contain one or more specific words. Because the search run on the database the result can quickly be displayed, faster then the Windows Explorer search function.

Music lists:

Music lists is properly more known under the name play lists. The music lists in Music Archive is stored in the Music Archive database and this have the big advantage that they are saved in a directory structure. And in addition then the lists are self updating. This means that if a song files is moved from one location on a hard drive to another, then the song will continue to stay in the song list, as long as the new location is a part of the archive. You do not have manual update the music lists. With normal play lists the song would be lost for the music player, and you would have to update the play lists yourself to keep them intact. Even if a song is deleted from the hard drive and then comes back later the music lists will again show the song as before it was deleted. And the entire system run automatically.

Music information:

In Music Archive you have the option to save extra information about the deferent songs. Like the music lists the information is kept in the database if a file is moved or deleted. If the file then later comes back in the archive then the information is automatically joined to file again. This is a smart feature when the files are moved around one or more hard drives. The song information can be connected both to the file itself or the song. The file information is lost if the file is deleted, but the song information is connected if the song comes back to the system, fore example in a better quality then before. Information connected to the file could be information about errors in the files. And the information is then automatically removed from the archive ' database, if the file is deleted or changed.

What information that can be saved about the song is defined in on of the databases files. This file can be edited by the user, opening up for saving all types of information about the songs or the music lists.

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