Music Archive

Operation method:

The basic core in Music Archive is a database system. The system saves a registry over music files and their location, and also extra information can be attached to database so for example information about the release of the song or who played the different instruments can be saved with the song. That everything in Music Archive is build around a database have more advantages. The biggest is in the speed that the database work with compared with the file system on the hard drive. In folders containing thousands of files, Windows Explorer have to wait to the file system is searched before a simple list of folders and files is shown. The database system in Music Archive removes this waiting time. The database system does however have a backside. The database has to be updated before new files are shown.

Flexibility is a keyword behind Music Archive. Therefore the entire database system and user interface have been made so it does not contain any limits. The only problem in controlling gigantic music archives is if you have the computer to power it.

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